Constantly working to introduce you our app for Youniverse

We are a fresh startup behind the idea. At the early stage, and self financed. We already have a MVPs based on our personal projects we designed in the past. Those ones that looked promising survived and crystalize into the product we are building. Basically those are high-level software solutions made as platform non depending, HW or target OS fee. Based on our own tech stack. It just runs on every device out there that has at least a browser and any reasonable processor and network connection. Also the solution is even able to communicate through SMS with you, without any device at all if necessary or optionally. You can choose the one that fits you. It is designed for you.

We are basically packing our solutions that are known from mainframe based AIs, knowledge bases and data lakes into this special environment that app itself represents. It is pretty accessible and give the power to the people, to see the real events and truth around them, informations and their data. No, no boring statistics but simple understanding of the subject. The solution is to protect the people by giving them the assistant, knowledge base, intelligent database, a tool, mix of approaches, interpreted by the modern UX solutions accessible for everyone even without any IT knowledge. 

It is a product of the personal space. Imagine it as the virtual matrix of all your personal digital assets where yours and your only intelligence decides how to manage them all with the purpose, with the value of the information on mind and data that are yours and secure at the back of that environment. Environment that physically doesn’t exist but still living in your own physical network.

We call it by its context Textuly. The app, the software, the product, the personal virtual micro-mainframe seeder, running in the space of your personal devices that share their resources in a common power. Using the power of your own network, designed to protect and help the users and their interests. 

Textuly is designed to support the free mind, to help everyone in the free world to get help secure their personal information, data, their personal space. To protect the free will and to help you raise your free and creative mind. And it all happens just on the devices you already own. Without sharing of any information out of that space of your personal Textuly network.

Be ready, Textuly is coming soon to all your devices when ready.

You are all part of our common vision in this mission, stay safe!

Michaela Bartonova

CEO Drexcon & Molnier, Inc.


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